A chara,

One may be momentarily confused, if only somewhat with the EBI, to see an educational charity whose primary concern is economics and free markets, so involved with the promotion of ideas relating to conservatism and culture, but we have long been of the view that economics is too important a subject to be divorced, as seems to be the current trend, from those areas which cannot easily be fit into an econometric model. Free-markets rely on cultural, legal, and political norms in order to function, and so in order to promote free-markets we must promote those underlying principles, values, and norms which allow markets to flourish. Free markets are an end result of a society which values principles such as the right to private property and the right to free, amongst many others, and were we to simply promote that end result, whilst the rights that underlie it come under sustained attack across Ireland, and indeed the Western world, we would be merely building a castle on a foundation that was turning to sand.

As Russell Kirk said "there are certain permanent things in society: the health of the family, inherited political institutions that insure a measure of order and justice and freedom, a life of diversity and independence, a life marked by widespread possession of private property. These permanent things guarantee against arbitrary interference by the state. These are all aspects of conservative thought".

We believe that an Ireland in which those principles are understood, and are believed to be important by the Irish people, is an Ireland that will be prosperous, orderly, and free; an Ireland in which those principles are either not understood, or are wilfully traded away for trinkets or momentary pleasures, is an Ireland which will have forgotten its soul and will sink into a soulless and bureaucratic tyranny of its own making.

If you believe as we do, we would ask you to support us in our work in any way you can. We accept no funding from the Irish state, for us to do so would be both a betrayal of our principles and a voluntary acceptance of a leash upon our ability to conduct work which did not conform to the expectations of any current Irish government, and so we rely entirely upon the charitable donations of those who wish to see us succeed in our goal.

Beir Bua,

Gary L. Kavanagh