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image005 A very warm welcome to The Edmund Burke Institute’s web site. We hope that you find it interesting, informative, and perhaps sometimes amusing. The process of adding adding the archive material from the old web site is taking longer than we hoped. But such is blogging.  In the meantime we will be adding new essays, quotations  and links fairly regularly.

We are proud to be Irish; but we do not confine our commentary to Irish affairs. We have recently commented about events in France, Zimbabwe,  Sweden, The United Sates, South Africa, Latin America,  and Britain. We will continue to caste our net equally widely.

Our perspective is conservative; but not reactionary. We stand with Burke;edmund_burke not with reactionaries like De Maistre. We support tradition, but we  know that change is essential. Above all we try not to be stuffy. We support markets as a way of mediating between tradition and innovation, between producers and consumers,  and because like no other economic system they make rational economic calculation possible by generating prices and hence they promote the prosperity of all- and provide the context within which political and other freedoms can flourish.images

We do not believe though that making and trading – important though they – are the only things in life. We believe that the case for markets must be placed within a broader cultural and intellectual context. Our web site reflects this. We are committed to the importance of ideas in politics and indeed throughout society. We believe that a democracy in which there are not  vigorous even rowdy debates about all sorts of uncomfortable issues is of little value.

However The Edmund Burke Institute is not a propaganda organisation. We take our educational role seriously. We realise that the world is a complicated place; and that there are often more than one side to an argument. We therefore welcome other points of view. We are eager to publish replies to anything which we post here.

The Edmund Burke Institute embraces a wide range of opinion from traditionalist conservatives to libertarians. Consequently the views expressed here are those of the individual authors concerned, and do not necessaily represent the views of the Edmund Burke Institute.

Nor does the inclusion of any advertisement on this site imply that the Institute endorses the advertiser, its products, services, or claims. Indeed our readers are urged to be cautious about such matters, and more especially to take professional advice before investing on the basis of any such claim.