We WERE warned!

17805aIn spite of sneers from disapointed or flippant persons, a seat in the House of Commons still remains one of the highest prizes of citizen life (sic.) When membership becomes a business in say £6 a week, the charm will be gone. As things stand [ i.e when M.Ps were not paid], there is no reason why any constituency desiring to do so may not return a member on terms of paying him a salary. It is done in several cases, in two at least with the happiest results. It would be a different thing though to throw the whole place open to with [ a ] standing advertisement for eligible members at a salary of £300 a year, paid quarterly. the_strandThe hoard of impecunious BABBLERS AND BUSYBODIES attracted by such a bait would trample down the class of men who compose the present House of Commons, and who are, in various ways, [ in ] touch with all the multiform interests of the nation.”  Emphasis supplied.

            Henry W Lucy in “The Strand Magazine” 1893

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