Two views on poverty.

000269ba-314“Poverty is built into the way our society operates…As long as society operates on the principle of individualism and personal achievement, poverty will not be eradicated. What we need is a strong social policy which will ensure that we have [ an] equitable distribution of our resources”

Sister Stanislaus Kennedy.the-thinker

“Establish a basic standard of life and labour.. Once that is done, set the people free- get out of the way, and let them make the best of themselves, and win whatever prizes they can for their families and for their country.”

no-poverty-mdSir Winston Churchill.winston_churchill

3 thoughts on “Two views on poverty.

  1. It’s a shame that we still have so much poverty in the United States. I think we would be able to solve the poverty problem by establishing a basic income for every American. Hopefully, this White House petition will cause a public conversation about it:

  2. It would be interesting to know whether the basic income which is being suggested would be in addition to, or would replace all other welfare benefits. If the former there might be case for it. Anything is better than the tax payer’s money ending up in the rich suburbs of Washington D.C. Does anyone know more about the scheme which is being proposed?

  3. Global poverty will engulf us all if we do not develop a sense justice and fair play. There needs to be a willingness to share ones bounty with those who have nothing despite toiling incessantly and achieving nothing but further misery. An honest assessment of ones drive to accumulate wealth and consume more than ones share of scant resources is a moral imperative

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