Trump and Korea.

Donald Trump’s decision to meet with the leader of North Korea shows something that we always suspected, namely that he is prepared to act in unpredictable ways. The foreign policy establishment in Washington, and even his own State Department may be shocked, but it is possible, although perhaps not likely, that he will break the deadlock that has existed on the Korean peninsular since the the early fifties.  No one can can know what will happen in this case. His initiative may well fail, but the fact that he has made it shows that he is prepared, even eager, to surprise. And this has implications for all those who deal with him both in Washington D.C. and elsewhere. Trade negotiations with The United States have just got a lot more interesting; and Mr. Varadkar and his team must be on top form when they visit Mr. Trump later this month for the St. Patrick’s day celebrations. None of us know what Mr. Trump is thinking about the Irish border- perhaps he doesn’t either- yet!  

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