“The America in which I was born would never have elected a man such as Trump. His victory shows that certain standards have declined, in ways that we, left AND [ Emphasis as in original ] right, may not really appreciate in our college-educated bubble…For many college- educated women like me, raised in a bubble of masculine civility and marriage stability, Trump’s personal style and personal history are very hard to swallow. But for many other women and men, he represents a wonderful father figure of a kind they’ve never actually known…Trump may seem to us to represent a decline in family values and standards. But for many of our fellow Americans, mired in economic stagnation and sexual chaos, he represents an unattainable ideal rather then a problem.”

Maggie Gallagher writing in the “National Review”

“Being here at Duke, I realize I am in a liberal bubble, and this [ election ] was one of the biggest wake up call that I [ have ever ] had. I didn’t live in the America that I thought I lived in.”

A student at Duke University, Durham North Carolina, at a rally called to protest against the election of Donald Trump

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