The U.S. Presidential election 2016.

white house with dogNow that the field of serious candidates for this year’s American  Presidential election has begun to narrow, we are starting a new category of links called “U.S. Presidential election” which will allow our readers to visit the web sites of most of the remaining important contenders. However we are unfortunately unable provide a link to Hilary Clinton’s web site. For this, please, just use a search engine.

We have also  included “Real Clear politics” in this new  category of links as it is an important source of information about American politics including recent polling data.

Flash- the death of U. S. Supreme Court Justice Anthonin Scalia shows how important this next Presidential election is going to be. The crucial swing voter on the Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, was born in the same year ( 1936) as Justice Scalia. If then the next President were to be a Democrat- i.e.  either Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, then by the end of their first term, the make up of the Court could  well have shifted significantly to the left. ( On the other hand, it is worth bearing in mind that, as a whole, the conservative justices on the court tend to be younger than the liberals. ) 

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