The Royal Wedding.

There is nothing more traditional or more romantic than the marriage of a prince to a beautiful woman. This was certainly a day of romance. But look closer at what happened.

This was a celebration not just of Harry’s love for Meghan and hers for him. It was also a striking testimony to the way that institutions evolve. Forty, even twenty years ago, the marriage of a mixed race woman into the House of Windsor would have been unimaginable. Radicals may dismiss the whole royalist charade. Reactionaries may sniff about American actresses with ideas above their station. But human being, and conservatives, know that families and nations move on, at their own pace and in their own way. The new Duchess of Sussex has already shown that  she has already extended the “reach” of the Royal family. By her very presence she will do more. Prince George now has a mixed race aunt, and will soon have mixed race cousins. Change is a constant, but so too are the values enshrined in today’s ceremony:

“Open now the crystal fountain / Whence the healing stream doth flow;/ Let the fire and cloudy pillar/ Lead me all my journey through:/ Strong deliverer,/ Be thou my strength and shield.”




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  1. I thought the Michael Curry sermon was the highlight of the whole thing. Speaking about love without mentioning Corinthians 13 as everyone does was a triumph in itself, and his vision of world where love (or as the KJ has it, charity) was inspiring.

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