The pro-abortion demo. in Dublin

Quite by accident I was caught up in the pro- abortion demonstration that took place in Dublin last Saturday. I was heading North on O’ Connell Street, as they were heading South.

Demonstrators hold posters as they march for more liberal Irish abortion laws, in Dublin, Ireland September 30, 2017. REUTERS, who provided this caption, /Clodagh Kilcoyne

And they is the crucial word here. The demonstration was well attended, surprisingly so. But that freely confessed the turn out was not of the near apocalyptic dimensions implied by photographs on  both the RTE and BBC web sites. It is also worth noting that it was a balmy autumn day which was perfect for a march. Had the day been wet I do not doubt that the whole exercise would have been much less impressive. The organisers are to be congratulated then both on their skill and on their good luck!

Probably of greater interest than the size of the march was its composition. The photographs did not lie when they suggested that those who took part were predominantly young and to a great extent female. Whether we like it or not the issue abortion divides both the generations and the sexes. Yet more troubling it was also clear ( or at least it seemed to be clear from where I was standing ) that a large proportion of the crowd had been marshalled into existence by, and were seemingly quite happy to march beneath the banners of, extreme left wing organisations. As the churches have declined, and because our established political parties have eschewed ideas, so economic illiteracy has flourished among the young. This must be a matter of grave concern to all those who love Ireland, and who wish for the prosperity of her people! What is to be done?

The EDMUND BURKE INSTITUTE cannot, of course, become involved either in the broader issue of abortion, or in the specific debate about constitutional prohibition of abortion which will soon be under discussion here. This is for two reasons. In the first place it is prevented by our legal arrangements; and secondly because the various directors of the in institute have differing views about the question, although it is no secret that some  advocate the “Right to life” in their private capacities.

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