The Maverick Philosopher.

We are much indebted to the Maverick Philosopher who has just included us among his philosophy links! This is a an honour we hardly deserve, since we only publish philosophy occasionally. We only hope that those who visit here from there will not be too disappointed at what they find.

That said, this is surely a time when philosophy is more than usually important. This is a moment of stark and new divisions. Both Britain and The United States, are as divided, about respectively Brexit, and President Elect Trump, as they have ever been, except in times of Civil War. And in these times when passions on both sides have become almost uncontrollable, then careful thought becomes all the more difficult. But it is vital for the survival of free societies. We hope to be able to contribute here is some small way to the preservation of civilised dialogue between left and right. We are thus all the more flattered that the MAVERICK PHILOSOPHER  has looked in so kindly a way towards our efforts. We hope that we prove ourselves worthy of his support.

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