The latest from Trumpland…

…..well, as my late mother would said, that is “all very unfortunate.” But no more than what one might have expected after the election of someone so temperamentally  unsuited to be President as Donald Trump. Unpredictable episodes of this kind are all but certain to be one of the least happy distinguishing marks of his presidency. The trouble is that even if the stories are “fake news” as he claims, his personality gives them legs and makes them seem credible.  The silver lining  for Mr. Trump in this sorry situation is that expectations of him are now so low that he may well be difficult for him not exceed them.

Note: I may well have commented too soon. This is a fast moving story. ( How much quicker can the news cycle get? )  Noting is certain yet, but the information released by Buzzfeed could  be entirely fake. It looks as if the liberals  unreasoning and over inflated hatred of Trump has misled them into giving credence to a fraud.

We are NOT going to comment any more about this story. Frankly, it’s too narrowly political and fluid for us.

P.S. I have been polishing these posts in the light of the changing situation.

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