The jury in rape trials

We have not mentioned the highly publicized rape trial that has been going recently in Belfast. However it was predictable when all four defendants in it were acquitted by the unanimous decision of the jury that our feminist friends should have claimed that an injustice was been done. The notion being of course that the whole male dominated system was rigged against the woman who asserted that she had been raped. In this instance there was probably no truth to this suggestion. Three of the jurors were women, as was the judge, and there was an important female witness whose testimony told in favour of the defendants. Much of the Ibelieveher rhetoric has been exaggerated. The protesters in Dublin seem to have been the usual rentamob. Nevertheless, perhaps the feminists have a point. The system DOES look rather male, and it clearly does not enjoy the confidence of many women. In order then to ensure not just that justice be done, but that it also be seen to be done, might there not be an argument for insisting that half the jurors should be women in trials such as this?

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