The Dutch vote.

dutch lionIn one way the Dutch vote against the E.U.’s treaty with Ukraine is not important; since free trade with the Ukraine’s in the E.U. is not that significant an issue, except as gesture against ill judged Russian ambitions. But in another way it the result of the referendum in Holland is very important. It is important not for itself, but because of what the response to it in Brussels will tell us about the attitude of the E.U.’s elite towards democracy. If the elite accepts that they have lost the vote, and that therefore the treaty will have at very least to be reconsidered, then all be well. But if the decision taken by Dutch voters is ignored, or worse treated with contempt, then voters elsewhere in Europe, and not just in the U.K, will know what their masters think of them, and what to think of their masters.

Update 8/4/16: Mrs Merkel is reported as saying: We’re going to manage this as we have managed other difficult issues before.”

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