Quick thoughts on Austria

1] Pity the poor Austrians for their choice. On the one hand a popularist  from the ugly right, and on the other a dull character who looks as if he has just come out of meeting with Clement Attlee.

2] But that said, a good result. The Rightist extremist was defeated, but did well enough to give the out of touch liberal establishment a good fright.

3] Let us hope that the over paid Eurocrats, and those who do their bidding, get the message that uncontrolled immigration threatens the stability not only of Europe, but the future of their project.

4] Mr. Hofer’s  use of a symbol previously used by the National Socialists was, of course, deplorable.

5] Please everyone also note, that immigration into countries with highly developed welfare states has very little in common with, for example, that which created the United States in the nineteenth century.

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