Predicting the Holocaust.

dawkers“One wonders…whether those who refuse to believe in any higher law than Nature, have ever thought out what would happen upon a strict adherence to natural laws and what sort of world to live in would be one bereft of God, conducted in strict conformity with Nature as we see it around us “red in tooth and claw.” It is all very well to talk of the Survival of the Fittest in the Struggle for Existence, but, if we invert the meaning we may arrive at a better comprehension of what it involves. The Survival of the Fittest means the Extermination of the Less Fit. What would this mean in the case of mankind? Rigid extermination of the feeble and the unfit: the cripples, the sickly, and such like, must wend their way to the lethal chamberGasChamber05 for the benefit of the race, or must at least be  incarcerated so as to cut them off from any prospect of propagating offspring like unto themselves…Let any person consider even for a few moments what a world conducted on the lines of Natural Selection, unchastened by any ameliorating influences of a religious character be: he will not be long in coming to a conclusion that hell itself could scarcely be a less comfortable place to live in.”

windleSir Bertram Windle FRS  etc ( 1858- 1929 ) “The Church and Science” ( The first edition of which was published in London in 1917,  but this is quoted from the third revised edition published, also in London, in 1924. ) p.363-364 Emphasis supplied

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