New year books- 2

In his time Maurice Baring (1874- 1945 ) was a well known literary figure who mixed in exalted circles social and intellectual circles. He was, for example, a close friend of for Mgr. Ronald Knox the well known Catholic apologist. Baring wrote widely as critic and novelist, and produced a remarkable work of military history based on his own experiences “Flying Headquarters, 1914-1918.” ( 1920). It  is a book which should be much better known than it is. It bridges the gap between sometimes hilarious personal reminiscence, military history, and the inner political economy  of wartime bureaucracy. C. Northcote Parkinson was not the first to explore the later theme.  Baring’s book is not  to be missed if you can find a copy. It was republished, unfortunately without an introduction, by Buchan and Enright in 1985 ( London )

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