Look what the cat brought in.

Donald Trump is a disaster for America. His foolish remarks are doing great trump2damage to the reputation of The United States. Indeed given that we are now living in the age of the internet he may well have done more damage to the standing of America than any man other than Senator Joseph McCarthy. Mr. Trump is also obviously now damaging the relations between Muslims and others within The United States.

Who is responsible? Well clearly Donald Trump is. He is a man of vast ego, little judgement, and no moral and cultural hinterland. What you see is unfortunately exactly what you get. But there is a deeper responsibility for the Trump phenomena, other than that which is attributable to either Mr. Trump, or the fools who support him. And it lies like the body of a dead mouse at the door of America’s liberal academics.dead_mouse

American liberals are not liberals. They are deeply intolerant. And this is especially true of those who inhabit the universities of the United States. America has no cultural capital. Political power resides in Washington. Financial power is concentrated in Wall Street, and to a lesser extent Chicago. And Hollywood still makes the films. But for cultural leverage you have to go the campuses. Here is where the influence resides. And it is from here that conservative voices have been silenced systematically for fifty years.

The result of this intellectual “pogrom” has not been to destroy the right. But has meant that it has been taken over by ignorant characters such as Donald Trump. If American universities were really places where real diversity was welcome, where debate was encouraged, and where both left and right made at least some effort to provide platforms and space for one another, then Donald Trump would not be riding so high in the polls. If by some ill chance the unlikely should happen and Mr. Trump should be sworn in as President then the liberals will have nothing to blame but their own intolerance. Those who make responsible conservativism impossible, do not create the conditions where the left can triumph, they ensure merely the rise of the ugly right.

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