Long to reign…

The Edmund Burke Institute is proudly Irish. We are loyal to our country’s constitution and institutions.the-irish-flag-look-like-2 But we must notice the fact that Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain has now reigned for longer than any of those others who have gone before her in the great office that she fills.

She has, no doubt, inherited her longevity from her mother. But what has been her secret? Why is she held in such¬†high esteem even by so many republicans? It is because while she is essentially conservative ( note the small “c”) she is not stuffy about her beliefs.Queen in Ireland She knows what to think. She has a natural understanding of what to do, and what not to do. And above all she knows when to change, when to compromise, and when to remain constant. In all of this she is an example which we, all of us here, Unionist and Nationalists, Conservatives and Liberals, doubters and Christians, gays and straights,¬†would do well to follow.

Long may she reign over them!

Historical Note: I think I am right in saying, that Queen Victoria’s last public function in early December 1900 was to attend an Irish Industries Fair in London, around which she was pushed in her wheel chair, and at which she made several small purchases. RM

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