Lest there be ANY POSSIBLE doubt…

….here is what Joseph Goebbels wrote in his diary on Tuesday 13th March 1945: –

goebbels“The Jews are re-emerging. Their spokesman is the well- known notorious Leopold Schwarzschild; he is now arguing in the American press that under no circumstances should Germany be given lenient treatment. Anyone in in a position to do so should kill these Jews off like rats. In Germany, thank God, we have already done a fairly complete job. I trust that the world will take its cue from this.”

Couldn’t be clearer could it really?

The full reference is as follows;- “The Joseph Goebbels Diaries: The Last Days” Edited, introduced and annotated  by Hugh Trevor-Roper, translated from the German by Richard Barry, Pan ( London, 1979, originally Secker and Warburg 1978 )  p. 121

In view of the importance of this admission we should be happy to post the original German here if anyone can supply it- perhaps accompanied by a word for word translation into English.20080713_1383757010_brama_birkenau

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  1. This is our second most viewed post. So I thought I would re-post it to make it easier for people to see.
    The Leopold Schwartzchild mentioned in it was the author of “Karl Marx, The Red Prussian.” This biography is strongly recommended, although it may be somewhat unfair. Schwartzchild certainly makes the best of his evidence.

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