Leonard Liggio ( 1933 – 2014 )

liggiointerviewLeonard Liggio was a man of deep personal kindness. But more than this, while he was a committed libertarian, convinced of the value of human and economic freedom, he had an acute understanding ( grounded in his remarkable capacity for personal sympathy) of the way in which the case for freedom should be made with, rather than against, the grain of history. He was no dogmatist, and was all the more persuasive for not being one.

. I do not think that he ever visited our shores, but his Catholicism lent him a fondness for, and a  true insight, into the Irish situation. While our thoughts must be with his family and those who worked more closely with him, we at The Edmund Burke Institute can best honour his personal qualities and his achievements by continuing to make the case for freedom in our country. May he rest in peace.  R.M.

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