John Bolton


Two weeks ago we said that President Trump’s decisions were unpredictable. The appointment of John Bolton to be National Security Advisor is an example.of this. This though is not a choice that would have been made by a prudent man. Mr. Bolton’s record reveals a troubling mixture of crazy ambition, cowardice, and aggression. As a young man he avoided service in Vietnam, but he now believes that The United States should follow a highly interventionist foreign policy. More recently he has even entertained Presidential hopes for himself.  Like his friends in The American Enterprise Institute ( where they give the best cheap lunch in Washington, but talk the worst nonsense!) he believes that The United States has the right, the duty, the need, and the power to refashion the world and especially the Near East in its own image. No gulf of folly can be deeper than this. The best we can hope for is that like so many others Mr. Bolton will soon be sacked. The danger is though that the deluded advice that he will offer the President will appeal to the darker and less balanced parts of Mr. Trump’s disordered personality. Let us pray that between them they will not lead to their country into disaster and humiliation! R.M.



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