Thomas_Herbert_Robertson“One is not capable of forming a personal judgement with regard to the whole of Ireland, but only with regard to within a radius of 40 miles, say, of one’s house that one knows pretty well…In this House hon. Members on the other side allude to the west of Ireland when they speak of Ireland…I depreciate very much treating the west of Ireland as if it were the whole of Ireland.”

Herbert Robertson ( 1849-1916) , Unionist M.P. for Hackney speaking in the House of Commons on 30th March 1898

Later in the debate on a land bill the Nationalist M.P. William ( Willie) Redmond ( 1861- 1917 ) said this of Robertson;-

“He [ Robertson ] lives for a considerable portion of the year in his property in Ireland [ on the Wexford/ Carlow border ], and takes great interest in the welfare of the people who surround him. In that respect I am sorry to say he is somewhat exceptional, because a large number of landlords, who really gave the necessity for legislation such as this, do not follow his example, nor by any means [ show] the same local interest which I have no doubt he takes.” Ed44-WillieRedmond2

                       House of Commons, 30th March 1898 

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