Inequality in Sweden? (of all places!)

swedish-flagBy Richard Miller.

I do not know604px-Barcley_custom_corsetsS Sweden well. But I have visited Malmo twice. What struck me most forcibly on both visits was the great degree of social equality. The social division between rich and poor which are part of everyday life elsewhere are simply absent in Sweden. For good or ill high taxes have done their work. Consequently I was astonished to read that the riots which have recently spread across Sweden are being seriously attributed to  inequality. Fiddlesticks! If the riots in Sweden are due to inequality then why for heavens sake  are there not more riots in countries which have a far higher degree of inequality than Sweden? I do not know what has caused the rioting in SwedenimagesCA8P6WM0. But I know for a certainty that it is not the supposed gap between rich and poor which is to blame!.