France, between cholera and a plague

I gather that the people near Chatres chartes twoare saying that in this presidential election they are being asked to choose between cholera and a plague! How right they are! Consider, on the one hand, a fundamentalist liberal who will find it difficult to govern because he will lack support in the National Assembly; but who will ( unquestionably !) do the bidding of those in Brussels who have so shamelessly supported him.

And on the other side, Marion Le Pen. She has done a good deal to decontaminate her party from her father’s legacy. But she has not moved far enough. There is undeniably a certain darkness about her. She is also utterly ignorant of economics. Her doubts about the European project as currently constituted may well be justified, but her protectionist instincts are not. She is right too in thinking that the Islamic presence in France is a challenge, but it clearly calls for a much more considered approach than the one she offers.

The trouble, of course, is that the character said to be representing the combination of traditional values and market based economics which this web site defends, was quite unelectable. He and his Welsh wife turned out to be a pair of rascals with their hands in the till, and their children little better. Consequently he was knocked out in the first round of the election and has since vanished…perhaps to reappear in court later!

Donald Trump’s election shows that in politics anything is now possible. But Mrs May’s destruction of UKIP  in the British local elections that there are limits to the appeal of extremism if a more sensible conservative alternative is available. And it has been the absence of such a alternative which has led to the election of Mr. Macron in France. The fact that Mr. Trump was ( just ) elected in The United States does not mean that French conservatives – however they style themselves- can in future avoid the need of finding an honourable candidate who can do justice to their cause. As patriots they have a deep responsibility to ensure that the French people are never again presented with a choice between cholera and a plague!

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