FILM: Joyeux Noel.

joyeux-noel-merry-christmasSomeone was sure to make a film about the remarkable episode at Christmas 1914 when German, British, and French troops fraternised on the Western Front  and even played football together. These really were heart warming events, which do indeed deserve to be remembered. It is all the greater shame then this film fails so almost completely. With the exception of one conversation and the final few seconds of the movie which are strangely touching, this is a production which never moves beyond cliché. We learn nothing. There is no insight, and very little interest here. Joyeux Noel never moves beyond shallow pacifism and Euro- waffle.  A harsh judgment? Not according to a woman who saw the film along side me. She drew her car to a halt in the street outside as we were leaving and suggested that this was a “feel good”  film which had in fact romanticised the war it was intended to condemn! I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but this is certainly one to avoid.

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