Europe: Two Catholic views.

“Every wise man has desired the reunion of our¬†civilization ¬†and has desired it in spite of increasing despair, for now four hundred years. Wise men are rare; but the most foolish can see to-day that the reunion of our civilization is vital to its mere survival. For our disunion has reached a pitch in which we are capable of destroying ourselves in mutual combat to no purpose, nation against nation, each killing itself n the struggle; [ and ] after that, class against class.”

Hilaire Belloc, Wolsey ( 1930 ) p. 6


Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

“The “anywhere” people are cosmopolitan. They do not feel strongly attached to any particular place, local custom or traditions. They are very multiculturalist in outlook. In their hands “somewhere” starts to look like “anywhere” because, in the name of diversity they tend to leech local communities of their own identities. The local culture becomes submerged.

In Ireland today, there is a very strong attempt to make Ireland an “anywhere” place, to leech us of our particular colour and identity even when that is harmless to any reasonable person.”


David Quinn “Making a desert and calling it progress” Irish Catholic May 11, ’17

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