Disraeli on the government of Europe.

disraeli1It is very desireable that the people of England should arrive at some conclusions as; to the conditions on which the Government of Europe can be carried on. They will, perhaps, after due reflection discover that ancient communities like the European [nations] must be governed either by tradionary influences or by military force. Those who in the ardour of innovation imagine that there is a third mode and that our societies can be be reconstituted on the great transatlantic model will find that they when they have destroyed the traditionary influences there will be peculiar features in their body politic which do not obtain in the social standard which they imititate [ i.e. in The United States ] and these may be described as elements of destruction..(c) King's Lynn Town Hall; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation.In this state of affairs, after a due course of paroxysms, for the sake of of maintaining order and securing the rights of industry, the state [ will ] quit.. the senate and takes refuge in the camp.”

Benjamin Disraeli, First Earl of Beaconsfield, in his “Life of Lord George Bentinct” ( 1852 ) Bentinct – pictured at right- (1802-1848) was the leader of the Protectionist faction in the House of Commons.

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