Books at Christmas- 2

Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, “Trump Revealed, An American journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power,” ( The Washington Post, Simon and Schuster, London, N..Y. etc )- no price because it was given to me as a Christmas present!

The current narrative of Brexit- to which I subscribe- is that the result of the Referendum in Britain was really the result of Euro- sceptical agitation by countless people over many years. Well, Brexit may have been a collaborative effort- if that is this is the right way of describing¬† the divisions within the Leave campaign- but unquestionably¬† Donald Trump’s victory five months later was clearly an individual effort. Trump’s victory was in a radical sense HIS victory. And since it was HIS victory his life is all the more central for understanding it. And this book is clearly where start if one wants to get any insight into Trump the man. The authors seem to have done a thorough, and relatively impartial job, which is all the more impressive when one considers that they both work for “The Washington Post.” There is a lot to learn here about the sort of man that Trump is, and by extension about the sort of President he will be. We are in for some surprises! Warmly recommended!

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