Billy Graham R.I.P.

I only heard Billy Graham preach once. Although it did not mark a turning point in my life it was a memorable occasion. This should surprise no one. For he was an impressive man, with a great gift for oratory which he placed unreservedly in the service of his Lord. For this he will always be remembered and blessed by many, as the means by which they came to accept the Christian message.

The trouble was though that he only really spoke to those who half understood that there was something missing from their secular lives. But this sense is now not universal. Graham’s call was to repentance. But repentance implies guilt, discomfort, longing. And all these things have now been swamped in the self satisfaction of an unrelentingly shallow society. Today’s Christian apologists face different and more difficult challenges than those which confronted Graham. Graham’s dedication, his authenticity, and his decency should be emulated, but his methods were those of his time.

May he now enjoy the splendours to which he introduced to so many!

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