August 2018…and beyond.

As always I will be taking August off. After a magnificent trip to Skye last year I will be going to Mull, exactly sixty years after my last visit. I will not, however, be coming back in the usual way, as Michael Dwyer and Gary Kavanagh will be taking over The Edmund Burke Institute. They have exciting plans which include a new web site, and an outreach to students….the opinion formers of the future. I wish my successors all possible success with the venture they are embarking on.

                                   I have enjoyed my time with the Institute, and I have loved running this site, which I have reason to think has had some effect. However the speed of social and technological change means that those of us educated in the 1970 s are not as well placed as we were to influence events. It is time for me to step aside. I will be leaving the board, and taking some time off. We have not yet decided exactly what my role in the future of the Institute will be, I doubt, though, that I will remain silent for long.


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