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For those who do not know Ireland I should begin by explaining that R.T.E. is our national state broadcaster- modelled on the B.B.C.. It has a left of centre bias, but it is run by professionals. If R.T.E.  says something has happened- it has happened- which is the only reason that I trusted a recent report on the R.T.E. website  that a poll had found that 90% of the Irish people believed that supermarketstesco_logo should be forced to  charge more for their vegtables in order that farmers should “receive a fair price!”

(c) King's Lynn Town Hall; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Lord George Bentinct ( 1802- 1848 ). A leading protectionist in the “hungry” 1840s

Well… now that I have read that the Irish people support the same policy of expensive food which so greatly worsened the great famine I have read everything.
                 ( In fact though it’s even crazier than that. The protectionists at the time of the famine were at least prepared to open the ports as a temporary measure. What is being suggested here is apparently a permanent policy. )


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