Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but rather the preservation of fire
— Gustav Mahler

The EBI is an Irish based, and Irish led, not-for-profit educational organisation and charity which promotes economic freedom and the norms and values which allow economic freedom to prosper.

We are interested not in economic freedom and free markets as a narrow area, but rather as the product of, and reliant upon, Western cultural norms and values. We seek to educate on, and promote, those norms and values in order to secure a prosperous and stable future for Ireland.

We do this through the provision of a number of projects, which can be viewed under the ‘Programmes’ tab above, ranging from activism training, to media production, to the production of research. In general we prefer to support other groups whom we consider to be philosophically aligned, either through training their people or other means, rather than dealing directly with the public ourselves.