Just in from Washington D.C.

feb16We continue the painfully tedious process of preparing to move — so far just by sifting through decades of accumulated domestic and professional¬†detritus, throwing out the useless and saving the rest for further sorting. But there are lighter moments.
Today, we excavated a small chest of three drawers. We discussed where it had come from and where it had been. Our best guess is that it may have come from my paternal grandmother and last saw use in the windowless downstairs bedroom in our xxx house, whence we removed, as you will remember, in 19tt. In the top drawer was a silver chest containing some items that had belonged to my mother’s oldest sister. The bottom drawer was empty.
feb16bThe middle drawer was stuck, but J. removed the top drawer and by that revealed a small zip bag. It contained some disposable razors, a miscellaneous collection of American, British, and Irish coins.– and a pocket watch, chain, and fob that I remember gracing your person.¬† I am claiming the coins as forfeit. Everything else, including the bag, is unfit for further use — except the pocket watch.
We will keep it for you, against the day when you come to claim it (below) and can again emulate Rhett Butler (above). If we had found it in time, it could have been returned in your Christmas box!

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