Sure Fire Shares?

noticed by Richard Miller.

“As investors fret about a world where economic growth is restrained by governments and consumers [are] repaying substantial debts, any firms which can advance earnings [ italics supplied] will become ever-more highly prized. Russ Mould investigates the characteristics that help define a genuine “growth stock” and the Shares team selects a list of ten companies set to keep on increasing their profits, whatever the economic conditions. [ italics supplied]…

“Regulatory drivers One of our ten names, Halma, is a specialist in hazard protection and life protection, areas where health and safety regulation drives demand as firms comply with the rules, to both protect their staff and avoid any litigation in the event of an accident. Veterinary products provider Animalcare also benefits from regulation as it provides the microchips which must be implanted in all racehorses so their identities can be verified and any skulduggery involving “ringers” can be stamped out..”.[italics supplied]

Well. Well, I suppose it is reassuring to know that firms employed in providing regulation are set to advance their earnings in “a consistent and dependable manner” “whatever the economic conditions.” But what of the rest of us?

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