Smoking in France

Since he died when he was seven I have few memories of my father. I know however that he was a Civil Engineer, and that one of his heroes was Isambard Kingdom Brunel14brunel1 – the great engineer of Victorian railways – whose father, despite being of humble origin, had been obliged to flee from the revolutionary terror in  France. I know also that my father was a great lover of freedom, and that he was a keen reader of Adam Smith.  Although he never got near the front  I also know that he and a friend ran away from school in November 1917 to fight for the territorial integrity of France in Royal Tank Corps when they heard of the great victory at the Battle of Cambraiakg9-1917-11-20-A2-2.  He was also a non smoker, but what I do not know is how he would have reacted to the news that legislation is apparently being prepared in France that would ban smoking on beaches.safe_image From what I have heard though it would not have been the sort of proposal which would have commended itself very forcibly to his judgement. But then presumably there are plans to exclude from the operations of the law, those beaches of NormandyD-Day-Wounded where so many DIED FOR FREEDOM. R.M.winston_churchillsartre