Economists for Free Trade.

Professor Patrick Minford addressed the first public meeting held by The Edmund Burke Institute in the late nineteen eighties. Then Minford’s work focused on unemployment. More recently he has moved from Liverpool to Cardiff and become widely know as the leading economic advocate of Brexit. During the referendum campaign in 2016 he headed Economists for Leave, which has now been transformed into Economists for Free Trade.

The gist of Minford’s message is that the economic modelling which purports to show that Britain will suffer grave economic damage from leaving the EU is hopelessly flawed because it assumes that a post Brexit Britain would impose the same tariffs on imports as does the EU.

We have added Economists for Free Trade to our Brexit links.  They can also be found here:

“The UK economy is doing extremely well following the Brexit vote and there are huge economic opportunities that are only possible because of the vote to leave the EU.” Patrick Minford, quoted in “The Sunday Express” 11/3/’18


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